What is Georgie’s Gift?

Georgie’s Gift Ltd was set up in memory of Georgie Hall. She was only 23 months when she fell ill in February 2015. Days later she passed away after being diagnosed with Meningitis and Septicemia.

As parents Matt & Paula realised how little they knew about this horrible disease, and by setting up “Georgie’s Gift” one of their objectives is to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms advising families of the correct vaccinations to protect their children and ultimately helping the local community, families and hospitals in need of a little “gift”.

Fundraising efforts have been incredible so far, and the lengths to which friends, family, and the local community have gone to develop and promote the charity has been overwhelming. There have been some brilliant events already, and with numerous in the pipeline for this year and beyond, we plan to continue to raise as much money as possible to help those in need get some much needed support from Georgie’s Gifts.

Please visit our Total Giving page to donate!

What we do

We would also like to provide support to children who have a disability or life limiting illness that may impact on their ability to perform daily tasks of living.

Money raised through Georgie’s Gift will help pay towards providing children with support required for disabilities such as Brain Damage or Amputation. Support may include : Prosthetic Limbs, Hearings Aids etc. Children with life limiting illnesses will appreciate all the support around them, we will discuss with the families of the children how we can provide the best “gift” possible.

We will provide “gifts” to children staying in local hospitals as well as providing support/equipment required. This may be a piece of life saving equipment.

We will endeavour to help the local community as much as we can.

How we do it

Georgie’s Gift raise money by organising many fundraising events throughout the year. Please check out our events calendar for up and coming events.

We also accept one off donations which can be added via our total giving link.

What is “A Gift”

  • Money towards a piece of life saving equipment/support required
  • Money towards an operation required
  • Presents for children in hospital who are battling an illness that requires them to stay long term
  • Helping the local community
  • Plus many more….

We are aware that we will not be able to provide all support required however we endeavour to assist in relieving some of the financial and social burden by providing a “GIFT” from Georgie’s Gift.

How we select the causes to support

We are a local charity, so ultimately we are looking to help our local community.

Each individual case will be looked at and discussed by the trustees as to the support required, whether this is for a child, local children’s hospital or the community. Not every case will be the same. Once they have been reviewed by the trustees we will make a decision on how we are able to help.

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